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Welcome to The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. I'm thrilled you're ready to take the driver's seat position in your career. Join me as I inspire, empower and provide strategies for leveling up in your career. Schedule your career breakthrough today at

Jul 22, 2019

Liz Dederer, CEO of Selling with Service, shares her career story on the The Power of Owning Your Career podcast. She says she’s been in the driver seat since 17 years old. She decided her path and hasn’t looked back. Her formula for owning your career includes a little bit of crazy and tenacity. According to...

Jul 15, 2019

Tracy Imm, Communications Expert, Author, and Podcast Host joins the Power of Owning Your Career Podcast in this episode. Tracy shares her impactful water cooler conversation that changed her career. She talks about being bold by putting yourself out there and recommends that we all take responsibility for our...

Jul 11, 2019

In episode 3 of Season 2, Tana M. Session is the guest. Tania and Simone have a lively discussion about Tana's journey from Admin to Executive Level in Human Resources. What did it take? What was the message she was hearing in her head to help her be successful. Be sure to tune in for your dose of career empowerment.