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Welcome to The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. I'm thrilled you're ready to take the driver's seat position in your career. Join me as I inspire, empower and provide strategies for leveling up in your career. Schedule your career breakthrough today at

Dec 27, 2020

Host Simone Morris closes out Season 5 by celebrating two years of hosting The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. She talks about what it feels like to deliver 90 episodes of the podcast as well as her career success tips:

  1. Connect the dots by evaluating your career data points
  2. Find evidence of pivots that inspire you...

Dec 20, 2020

Managing Attorney of Transcendent Law Group, Michelle D. Craig is this week’s guest on the podcast. With over 18 years of law firm experience, she became the first African-American female Partner the New Orleans Office of an Am 200 Regional law firm before starting her own firm. Michelle shares her keys to success:


Dec 13, 2020

Leadership Expert, International Best Selling Author and Podcaster Eddie Turner joins The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Eddie shares his keys to success:

1) Never get complacent and let others make decisions for you

2) Have many mentors for the seasons of your career; have them speak for you in rooms that you...

Dec 6, 2020

Dawn Reshen-Doty, CEO, Benay Enterprises, joins this week's Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Dawn shares how she has managed to remain successful  managing a million dollar business with fifteen employees. Dawn helps us to understand why we must be fearless in asking for help in our careers. She talks about the...

Nov 29, 2020

In this week's episode, Simone catches up with The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast listeners. She shares a bit about her journey to the driver's seat and how it's changed as an entrepreneur. Listen as Simone reflects on changes from this season and prepares listeners for what's to come. Listen to how you can win...