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Dec 6, 2020

Dawn Reshen-Doty, CEO, Benay Enterprises, joins this week's Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Dawn shares how she has managed to remain successful  managing a million dollar business with fifteen employees. Dawn helps us to understand why we must be fearless in asking for help in our careers. She talks about the importance of nurturing relationships and gives us some tips on how we can do so. Learn why patience is key in nurturing relationships as Dawn shares a success story on landing a new client after 10 years. You don't want to miss this week's episode. Subscribe, listen, share, and review. 

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More About Dawn:

Dawn Reshen-Doty is the CEO of Benay Enterprises, Inc. a 34 year old Connecticut-based business management and bookkeeping firm with offices in Danbury and Portland, Maine.   She is also the founding partner and publisher of For Beginners, LLC, and publisher of the For Beginners series, an internationally recognized graphically illustrated non-fiction book line.

She holds a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, was a White House intern during the Carter administration and serves on the boards of many organizations and non-profits. She is the recipient of the 2016 CT SBA Minority Business of the Year award, Sage software’s 2019 Bookkeeper of the Year award and her company has 3 times been voted CT Law Tribune’s “Best General & Administrative Outsourcing” (2015-2017) and holds certificates from Georgetown School of  Business and Goldman Sacks 10K Small Businesses.