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The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast

Jan 20, 2020

This week's guest is Angela Hosking. Angela is managing a full time job in the health care industry (which she loves) along with Her One Tribe business (which she also loves). Essentially she's loving life. Learn how Angela balances it all. What's her secret sauce for winning in her career? How does she manage to stay in the driver's seat? Listen to this week's episode of The Power of Owning Your Career podcast with host Simone Morris.

More about Angela:

Angela Hosking MBA, MSN is a women’s empowerment and leadership speaker, author, workshop facilitator, coach and the owner of Her One Tribe, LLC.  Angela combines her 10+ years of healthcare executive leadership experience with her expertise as a women’s empowerment writer to deliver impactful workshops and motivational speeches.  Using her self-developed Personal Empowerment Framework as her cornerstone content, Angela educates and inspires national and international female audiences to unlock their confidence barriers and diminish their Imposter Syndrome thinking. Angela is the author of Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss and hosts an online community at for aspiring women to find education, inspiration and support with their fellow sisters.

Contact Details for Angela Hosking:

Her One Tribe website